Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Group E 10th Anniversary

In this past weekend, Group E celebrated its 10th anniversary at Our Lady Du Cape in Trois Rivieres, Quecbec, which is about 2 hours north of Montreal. It was a pilgrimage filled with blessings and joys. We had 6 families and were assigned to stay in the Pavillion Hotel - a house near Hotel Madonna. Other than 1 elderly couple who stayed on the main floor, we basically had the whole house for ourselves. The basement became our meeting room, and we had two meetings there.

The trip was filled with fond memories: a pleasant drive of about 7 hours from Markham to Our Lady Du Cape on Saturday morning; group meeting in the evening in which everyone shared their feelings on the 10th anniversary and dug deep into nostalgia; Tai Chi and exercise early Sunday morning; delicious breakfast at the cafeteria of Hotel Madonna, chatting non-stop over coffee and tea; Rosary at the Mary Lake near Old Shrine; group meeting again Sunday afternoon in which we studied the symbolism of water in the Bible following Pope BXVI's Jesus of Nazareth; lots of free time; Mass and confessions in the evening followed by candelight procession around the Mary Lake; etc. On our way back to Markham on Monday, we visited St. Joseph's and St. Peregrine. Once back in the GTA, we had a delicious dinner at 味香村, where we had a good laugh at ourselves because everyone was terribly hungry after 3 days without Chinese food! Here's a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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