Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fountain of Love and Life Documentary on the Papacy

I hope you would take 27 minutes to watch this TV episode on the Papacy, recorded recently by the Fountain of Love and Life (FLL) in response to Pope Benedict XVI's resignation and the election of Pope Francis. It is an excellent documentary featuring interviews with many guests, including parishioners from the Greater Toronto Area Chinese Catholic community, Chinese clergy, Thomas Cardinal Collins, and yours truly. I also like its graphic illustration of the conclave. Strong in content, factual, scriptural, understandable and very convincing in all regards, the documentary is a great learning tool for those who either don't know much about the Papacy or have reservation about it. Whoever were involved in producing and editing the episode, I think they deserve a good pat on their backs for a job well done! As always, the FLL host, Christina Leung, asked all the right questions and did so in an engaging manner and with clarity. This is no question one of the strongest FLL TV episodes I've ever seen, done with substance and professionalism. Enjoy!

FLL Documentary on the Papacy - Part I

Part II of this series will be aired this weekend (April 27-28, 2013).