Monday, April 4, 2016

April Snow

April snow...

Uninvited and unapologetic, she arrives.
Not to defend or explain herself she decides.
Knowing her appearance is out of the season,
Her beauty she displays in full with no reservation.

April snow...

Having reigned supreme since November,
Now content with the tribute from this lone admirer,
Yield to the flirtation of Spring she must,
But not before re-asserting her splendor as true and just.

April snow...

Refreshing and wet is her lover's kiss,
Caressing me as I slowly tread.
One impromptu encounter does not define our lifelong love;
Return she will in austerity from the north above.

Pictures taken this morning at Toogood Pond. The snow turned out to be quite a blizzard!


  1. A blog follower, who wished to remain anonymous responded with this eloquent "Reply from April Snow":

    Silently, silently, I arrive.
    Not to wake you but clothe you with surprise.
    Yes, my appearance is brief but see,
    I capture you unexpectedly.

    Before, I came in full armor and you retreat,
    Now, in my soft caress there lies your defeat.
    Surrender to my charm, lone admirer
    As you tread slowly with your lover.

    Refreshing and wet, let your mind subdue
    For soon I’ll leave you like morning dew.
    Do not be sad as we will part,
    Return I will, my lifelong sweetheart.

  2. Beautiful pictures, poem and response! Thank you for sharing! God bless ~