Tuesday, November 6, 2012

US Election

This is a message I sent to my Lo's family members in the States on election day. I think it's worthy of being posted on my own blog too:

I hope all of you would vote for Romney today!! The last time I checked, almost all of you believe in God. After 4 years of "Godless" policies and measures taken by a so-called "Christian" president, the Americans should vote for a leader who truly believes in God, who truly cares about God's will. Most countries in the world like Obama, particularly those who hate or loathe America including communist China. This is because he's a weak president. Who wouldn't like a weak enemy? Remember the Reagan years, my friends, or, I should say, my dear brothers, sisters and family members? Remember the kind of America, the kind of country, you used to be so proud of? Those glory days were no dream; they can happen again, only not under Obama. Hope the Americans would come to their senses today! At least I hope the Americans in Lo's would come to their senses when they go to the voting polls!!

1 comment:

  1. Last Tuesday's outcome is the last nail in the coffin for the US of A, a once great country, imho.
    Nanny state socialism will ensue, national debt just keeps snowballing, the government will have a (forcing) hand in every aspect of its citizen's life.....
    I am a firm believer in taking full responsibility of one's action.
    Americans: embrace the brave new world.......

    Tony Chow