Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blog Pageviews

For someone who doesn't write or, I must admit, is not good enough to write to make money; my only goal is to share my thoughts with the readers, wherever they are. In this regard, I am very encouraged and thankful to see that the pageviews of my blog have gone up by leaps and bounds in the last couple of weeks, especially after the publication of Part V of My Early Retirement Story (http://elodocuments.blogspot.com/2011/10/my-early-retirement-story-part-5-what.html). For whatever reason, visitors - mostly from Canada, some from the U.S., Hong Kong and the U.K. - are suddenly flocking to my blog to read all five parts of My Early Retirement Story, pushing all five posts to the very top of the pageview list. The pageviews of a few other posts also went up at the same time, reflecting the curiosity of the new visitors, I presume. Given my simple goal as previously stated, I can only hope that this increase in pageviews is more than a one-time blip, and that my readers will stick around to read this blog regularly.

Writing to me is not just another means of communication; it also allows me to express my thoughts in a more organized way, with more articulation, precision, and clarity. It is something I enjoy doing. It is as much an integral part of my lay apostolate as the other evangelization activities that I'm involved in.

Unlike the other activities, however, writing does not avail me with the opportunity to see the person with whom I'm sharing my intimate thoughts and reflections. In a way, this makes it even more intriguing because I know some people are interested in what I say: I can see them in the blog stats; I know they are there; I can even tell what countries they are from, what systems they use. They are there but then I can't really see them physically; the stats are there to suggest their presence but then I don't really know them in person. Visible or  undetectable, real people or cyber space stats, from Hong Kong or in my home town of Toronto; it's comforting to know that the thoughts in my hearts are somehow resonating in theirs, and that my little blog has somehow become a town hall meeting where discussions are conducted in silence.

Would appreciate a comment or two if you know how to do it. Failing that, you can still express your approval or disapproval by checking off "Like" or "Don't Like" in the bottom of every post.

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