Thursday, March 13, 2014

Deceiving Dreams and Crafty Speeches of the Politicians

Olivia Chow had just delivered a 15-minute speech to launch her campaign to become the mayor of Toronto. It was a very good speech - a typical politician's speech that touched many hearts but provided no specific promises or actions, a spirit-lifting and motivational rally that brought hope which we know will vanish as soon as everyone returns to the political reality of the City. But that's what the politicians do, that's what they are good at, whether it's George W. Bush or Clinton, Jean Chrietien or Harper, Mayor Ford or Olivia Chow. We, the good citizens who will be at the mercy of these political candidates once they are given the authority and power, are like mindless little children: no matter how many times we've been taken to the cleaners, we are still happy to hop on the merry-go-round to enjoy the dreams deceivingly weaved up, and the speeches craftily delivered, by our politicians.


  1. The more I know about politics the more I dislike its concerns. Thanks to God that He makes me to understand that life on earth is only a journey leading to Him. As a citizen I ‘Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar ‘ and as a child of God I ‘Repay to God what belongs to God’.

  2. Copied below are comments from an anonymous friend. Posted with the author's permission:

    I am responding to your email concerning the above as I still don't know how to reply in your blog.

    I completely agree with what you said. I still remember what Olivia said many years ago about Gay Marriages. She said that she can't see why or why should we not allow two individuals who love each other cannot be married, not to mention that she is very much against Catholic teachings and values in other aspects.

    She is the one who always presents a sugar coated point of view to draw sympathy from the public or rather to say to win over them, that is, presenting herself as a nice and open minded person. Be very careful of her who is so skillful to misinterpret and twist things that poison slowly those who are not grounded in their faith.