Friday, November 6, 2015

Synod on the Family - A Battleground Between Kasper and Ratzinger

Of all the reports and analyses of the recent Synod on the Family, I think this one by Fr. Raymond de Souza (see link below) is most to the point, hitting the nail right on the head. I personally have done not a few discussions and presentations on issues relating to St. JPII's Theology of the Body. His TOB teachings continue to capture my imagination and energize me with power and inspiration. I see him and Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) as two "seminary professors" whose thoughts and insights helped shape my theological mind. Together they are a lighthouse that shows me the way in a a sea of raging waters. Kasper vs. Ratzinger? Guess who I'll be praying for?

The Synod’s Fundamental Issue: The Legacy of St. John Paul II by Fr. Raymond De Souza.

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