Thursday, April 2, 2015

Living In The Holy Tradition Will Study Pope Benedict XVI's Verbum Domini (On the Word of God)

At age 40, I was part of the senior management team of a non-profit organization. Having completed my MBA and accounting designation, and after settling nicely into a choice neighborhood with my young family, I was ready for the next opportunity to take my career and personal pursuits to new soaring heights.

But surprise, surprise! God had other ideas. He had three people lined up specifically for me, whose job it was to take my journey of life to a drastically different direction. Dr. Scott Hahn was the defibrillator needed to revive my failing heart, spiritually pulseless as it was. St. John Paul II grabbed me by the wrist and took me into the Church’s family quarter where the meaning of marriage was re-taught and the sacredness of life re-defined for me. Finally Pope Benedict XVI, scholarly in style and clear as a running stream in thinking, helped me fortify my home base using the Word of God as understood in the Holy Tradition of the Catholic Church.

Dear brothers and sisters of various Chinese Catholic communities in Toronto: Living in the Holy Tradition (“LIVING”), a program designed to help the participants to abide – to literally live and breathe - in the Catholic tradition by studying magisterial documents, papal writings, and Church Fathers’ teachings, will begin anew on Monday, April 20 using a powerful papal document that deserves to be read and re-read many times - Pope Benedict XVI’s post-synodal apostolic exhortation, Verbum Domini (On the Word of God).

On the commencement of this new beginning of LIVING, I’d like to invite all of you to join us as we continue to serve the Lord and grow in our understanding of the Catholic faith. Together we will benefit from the concisely reasoned style and churchman sensibility of Pope Benedict XVI - the third angel that God had sent to rescue me - who truly is rooted deep in the living and dynamic reality of the Catholic tradition.

St. John Paul II testified to the power of Scripture this way: “The Word of God, a Word who calls, who invites, who personally summons as happened to the apostles. When a person is touched by the Word, obedience is born, that is, the listening which changes life” (Orientale Lumen, n.10). The Word of God is calling YOU! Open up your heart to be touched! Meet Him once a month through Pope Benedict XVI. He will change your life the way He changed mine!

Details of LIVING are as follows:

MEETING: 8:00-9:45 p.m., on the 3rd Monday of every month (summer break in July & Aug), starting from Monday, April 20.
VENUE: FLL EV Centre, 9033 Leslie Street, Unit 9 (2nd Floor) Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4B 4K3
HOST: Edmond Lo (MTS, MBA, CPA-CMA, Catechist, Navigator of CMCC Bible Study Program, Catechism Revisited Program)
LANGUAGE Cantonese for commentary and discussion, reading from document in English.
DOCUMENT: Pope Benedict XVI’s Verbum Domini (On the Word of God), Click here to download.
FORMAT: Host will lead discussion of passages selected from document and shown on screen.
DURATION: About 10-12 meetings.
REGISTRATION: Not required, just come to the meeting.
INQUIRY: Feel free to contact the host directly.

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