Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sad to See Summer Go....

Labor Day long weekend, which means summer is officially over!

The leaves on a few trees are beginning to change colors. Up north in Algonquin Park, the fall colors are probably starting to show.

It's sad to see summer go...

At the same time, I love the fiery colors of fall and its crisp and chilly days. If fall is like your sentimental high school friend who shows up quietly at your doorsteps without your knowing it, winter is like a stern guardian at her heels, admonishing her and pressing her to leave.

But I don't mind winter. In fact I think its austerity suggests depth and character, which is why I made it the header of my blog.

May I entice you by re-introducing a previous post of mine about this special season? The Rhythm of Life.

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