Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1 World Trade Centre and the Divine Builder

The World Trade Centre gleaming ever so gloriously in the morning sun was a sight itched deep in my memory. It was the first thing that caught my eyes on the second day of my arrival in New York City. It was July 19, 1974 when I left Hong Kong to study in Canada. Before going there, I took three weeks to visit my sister in New York City. A few logistical complications and confusions in my itinerary had left me stranded in Oakland for the whole morning; and I didn't make it to New York until almost mid-night Eastern Time on that same day. Like Jeremy Lin, I spent the rest of the night sleeping in a couch in my sister's apartment after a very warm welcome by her family. The sun streamed in early the next morning. I looked out the window of her old Chinatown apartment; standing there to greet me like two giants were the twin towers of the World Trade Centre.

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the killing of Bin Laden. It’s fitting that on this very day, the construction of the re-incarnated building of the World Trade Centre, 1 World Trade Centre, has reached a meaningful milestone: already the tallest building of New York City. It’s taken Ground Zero a full decade to reclaim its former glory and dignity since Bin Laden’s horrific terrorist act of 9/11.

Monumental and special as it is, the 1 World Trade Centre project currently underway can never compare with the divine project that takes place everyday ever so inconspicuously in the maternal womb of a conceived woman. It’s a project that takes only 9 months to complete, from the time of conception to birth. Unlike the 1 World Trade Centre, people generally don’t consider this project monumental or glamorous; it’s more like just another ho-hum pregnancy. Concealed by the abdominal tissues of a human body especially in the early stages of its development, the project is not very eye-catching and does not attract many camera crews from media outlets all over the world. Sad to say, it is so low-key and so vulnerable many people will not feel the slightest sense of guilt to nip it in the bud.

With the help of modern day MRI technology, the glamour of the Divine Engineer is finally visualized and revealed to the human eye. Hang on tight to your chair; get ready for a 10-minute mystical tour. Watch it and be prepared to be humbled by the Divine Builder:

Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth -- visualized


  1. Some people say it's just evolution, others chance. As you listen carefully to this guy's, Alexander, credentials, he's not exactly the kind of people who are dumb, nor someone without scientific aptitude.
    His scientific knowledge, instead, brings him to his knees before the Ultimate Engineer. His work allowed him to catch a glimpse of Divinity.
    So again, you have people who look at the formation of a baby as "pure chance", and you have people like Alexander Tsiaras who says:
    "The complexity of building that within a single system is, again, beyond any comprehension or any existing mathematics today."
    If we concede that the human body, when fully developed, is a marvel in terms of intelligence, design and complexity, we'll have to conclude that the coming together of the sperm and the egg must have been pre-planned by an intelligence that is many times more marvelous.....

  2. There was a motive in our parliament last week that one of the member raised the issue of a discussion of ‘The determination of an embryo as life’. The Chinese radio had a telephone interview with an obstetrician right after and asked for his advice on this issue, unfortunately this famous doctor could only offer his point of view in the aspect of medical terminology saying that it is legal and safe to perform an abortion in Canada if the pregnancy is within the first 24 weeks. My mind was totally blown when I heard this, my heart was ever more shattered as I was watching the video you sent, visualized the mystery of how a life is created in divinity and how vulnerable this life could be when in the wrong hand.

    In respect of humanity versus divinity, we have people mourn over the lives taken away from accident, war and natural disaster. One becomes emotional and sentimental when he sees a kitten being trapped in the high wire. The motorist would stop the traffic to avoid the hurting of the geese crossing the road, but on the dark side of our society there are voices supporting abortion saying that it is human right for one who wishes to sacrifice their unborn child.

    I believe we are all born equal, capable of the exploration of our life journey with gifted senses. However the longer I live the more I found that there are some people who must rely on glasses to see clearly while some were born with prefect good eyes but just incapable of seeing.