Saturday, October 4, 2014

Occupy Central - Where This Blog Stands

The news coming out of Hong Kong this morning (Saturday morning, Oct 4 Toronto time; Saturday night, Oct 4, Hong Kong time) was not good: C. Y. Leung, the Chief Executive of the government of Hong Kong, allegedly threatened to clear all protest sites by Sunday so that all government and business offices could return to normal operation. At this crucial moment, it’s important to pray for peace and reason to prevail. We also wish to outline once more where this blog stands on this difficult crisis after posting three articles and publishing numerous comments from the blog viewers whose views are not necessarily in agreement with, and certainly do not reflect in any way, the position of this blog.

1. We support the pro-democracy camp’s objective of striving for democracy and freedom for the people of Hong Kong. We believe the objective in and of itself is noble and admirable.

2. While the end is noble, the means employed to achieve it is wrong-headed. Occupy Central is a “lose-lose scenario” for all parties concerned, with strong potential for violence and bloodshed. We, therefore, disagree with it.

3. We condemn the government of Hong Kong’s brutality in suppressing the pro-democracy protests on Sunday, September 28, 2014.

4. We commend the government of Hong Kong for quickly realizing its over-reaction and for reverting to more restrained strategies in handling the protesters following Sunday.

5. As this unfortunate crisis continues to unfold, our appeal is for both parties to continue to exercise restraint and to begin some form of dialogue.

6. When violent confrontations and fights erupted starting from Friday, October 3, with triad gangsters and local residents fed up with the disruptions of the protests getting involved, we call for the Hong Kong police to carry out its legislated duty of protecting the citizens, particularly the innocent student protesters, against any deceitful instigators and criminals whose goal is simply to intimidate and injure. We also call again for the leaders of the pro-democracy camp and the government to immediately stop all confrontations and begin negotiation.

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