Thursday, October 2, 2014

Keep Safe, Hong Kong!

It always warms my heart to read messages from Hong Kong, especially in this difficult time of political turmoil. As usual, my friend, Peter (not the real name) is able to provide first-handed and objective insights that I usually can't find in the media, whether Hong Kong or local.

I agree with Peter completely. The Chinese government and its puppet, CY Leung, will not back down. At the same time, they will not order an outright crackdown. Unlike 25 years ago, China is now a rich man, a "somebody", a "big shot" on the world stage. They need to look good in conducting themselves. The "immerse and destroy from within" tactic that Peter outlined is the most effective way to solve the current crisis. People might be hired, if not already hired, to disguise as protesters and create troubles, giving the government justification to take more forceful actions to clamp down on the protesters. I think that's exactly what they've resolved to do. Not good for the pro-democracy camp if this is how it plays out. It’s a scenario that smells blood.

Unfortunately the students themselves, who are getting more and more restless and aggressive, may quicken their own demise and make the bloodshed even worse. They are threatening to take over government offices. I think the move could be disastrous. Let's hope cooler heads would prevail.

Like I said in my previous post, their message has been sent; it's loud and clear; it's been heard by the other camp and by the whole world. Now it's time for the pro-democracy camp to build on the momentum that they have gained; it's time for the two parties to sit down and engage in some kind of dialogue. Let's face it, under the rule of a repressive regime, the freedom enjoyed by Hong Kong can only be moderated at best. Hong Kongers can always try to push the envelope and gain as much freedom as possible; but do so in a peaceful and tactful way without forcing China to impose a complete crackdown; do so in a way that allows China to save face. As we know, saving face has always been a big deal to the governing officials of China. After all, they are the parent, the authority; Hong Kong is only one of their many children, albeit a little special because of its historical background and economic strength. I don't like what I see from the protesters at the moment. Let's hope somehow their aggression will stop or at least mellow.

I’d like to thank Peter for sharing so honestly. It's easier for Chinese people who live under the protection of real democracy here in Canada to be honest about their opinion; but not so much for people like Peter. God bless you, Peter! God bless the people of Hong Kong! Keep safe!

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